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November 4, 2013
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LF: Aleksandr Orlov by Tokyopyon LF: Aleksandr Orlov by Tokyopyon
Full-sized art:


Name: Aleksandr Orlov
Nicknames: Aleks, Little Eagle
Age: 14
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: June 9th
Height: 163cm (5'4")
Weight: 52kg (115 lbs.)

Name: Anastasiya (Asya)
Species: Indian Peafowl
Personality: Regal, compassionate, curious, somewhat prissy, gullible

Wand Ingredients:
Red Oak | Unicorn Hair | 10.5 inches | Quite Springy

Spell List:
Counterspell - Finite Incantatem: Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.
Bird-Conjuring Charm - Avis: Conjures a flock of birds from the wand's tip.
Locomotor Charm - Locomotor: Causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by movements of the wand.
Engorgement Charm - Engorgio: Causes an object (or creature) to swell in size.
Reducing Charm - Reducio: Reduces an object expanded by the Engorgement Charm back to normal size, or causes an object (or creature) to shrink to smaller than normal size.

Extra Curricular / Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy / Hogwarts Orchestra, Ancient Studies

Patient | Diplomatic | Even-tempered | Humble | Whimsical and Witty | Bookworm
Aleks is roughly your average little intelligent introvert. He tends not to go overboard with social interactions but at the same time he doesn't dislike being around people at all, and he certainly isn't shy in the slightest, though his lack of enthusiastic conversation skills makes him appear that way. Even though books and animals are his favorite company he doesn't mind hanging around with people too, and most loves keeping up with a small circle of friends, but is best when left to his own wayward devices even then. To most people he appears distant and not much to interact with while so quiet, but he is curious by nature and, while it takes some time for him to open up to his peers, he is ever eager to learn about others and can be quite perceptive about their needs. He's the type of person who lives mostly in his mind and thinks a mile a minute, forever juggling this thought and that in a tangled mess, such that slowing down to speak is a bothersome effort that he is rather sluggish to respond to questions or verbal cues. This can make him come across as either too snobbish for a quick reply or just overly timid, or perhaps even a space cadet with his mind in the clouds. Even on a topic of interest he doesn't tend to run on at the mouth, since he is actually far more interested in learning about his company than he is willing to share his own thoughts. He doesn’t believe in secrets for the most part and is quite adamant about adhering to rules and telling the truth, or at least what he believes to be the truth, but he won’t give his opinion on something until he has thoroughly contemplated at least four sides to the matter. He tends to dig his heels in if he doesn't have enough information to work with, and is prone to calculating possible escape routes should things turn wrong in any situation, so thoroughly that he often fails to account for the positive outcomes.

Indecisive | Doubtful | Competitive | Does things by the rules | Spoilsport | Negative Nate | Know-it-all
His loyalty is easily earned by solid logic, and he will readily change his mind about things if presented with hard proof, but for the most part he remains steadfast in his reasoning, especially in the face of emotion. That isn't to say he's a brick wall, or heartless in any sense of the word, he just doesn't value emotion as a valid reason to formulate an opinion, nor will he change his mind about anything because of it. His inability to choose sides in an argument makes him seem more than a little fickle, and although he prefers to embrace the knowledge of many things, this leaves him as a fence-sitter much of the time, unable to make up his mind over which side he prefers. He doesn't feel he has the strength to stand up for any one thing without doubting himself anyway, made even more difficult by his view of the world in varying shades of gray rather than black and white. The pursuit of knowledge is his drive for learning in the first place, but he is only human and finds it easy to become distracted by various little things. Being bested by others in grade or general talent bothers him if he can't figure out their method, and he is generally aggressive about competition- be it about test scores or keeping up a presentable appearance. He's passive about it though, it isn't something he'd mention since he strives to keep civility even among adversaries, so he could be having a silent duel with another student over who is top of the class without them ever knowing. Abusing books is one of the quickest ways to get on his nerves, though he tends to keep it well under wraps. His anger is something that takes quite a while to flare up even in earnest just because it's effectively buried beneath levels of annoyance, and even when absolutely miffed he is a very silent and seething angry sort. Books are the easiest way to get on his good side too though, he'll happily gobble up knowledge about anything and everything regardless of whether it's relevant or even applicable to his daily life, and as such he has a storehouse of information that he'll quite excitedly share with others- and he'll correct others so excitedly (and so suddenly) that he can become insufferable fairly quickly.

Aleks was born and raised in a small mountain town in western Russia, where he lived with his father, mother, twin brother and their assortment of family animals. His parents operated the family business- his father a lumberjack, and his mother fully involved with carpentry- which the twins were expected to take on when the time came. The two of them spent most of their time helping out around the house and with the business, though they especially looked forward to the hunting trips with their father, or even the town-wide hunts that offered prizes for the biggest catch. When he wasn't attached to his brother's heels (or his mother's apron), Aleks could be found wandering around exploring the forests beyond town, solving puzzles from his own imagination, socializing with flora, and other such childish things. His mother often gifted him with books from the nearby cities, and before long he became one of the town's resident little bookworms, the source of endless random facts, stories, and anecdotes that he proudly shared with anyone who asked- and even those who didn't!

The town itself was small, only a little over 200 people lived there, and most of the families had been there for generations. Everyone was quite comfortable with one another, and even though the majority of the town was made up of witches and wizards there were no problems with muggles in general, so that children of mixed blood- like Aleks and his brother- weren't treated any differently than those from any of the pureblood families. Full muggle families simply didn't exist however, as any pure muggle who appeared in town was almost always newly wed to a witch or wizard (or a mixed blood) who had already lived there, or was some other close relation. The muggles who were welcomed into that town were already aware of wizardry at that, typically belonging to a family with one known witch or wizard (usually a sibling), and so the cozy harmony of the town continued on without trouble. It was a little backwards in some ways, lacking in almost all muggle technology, so that when children left the town to attend boarding schools, as was the custom, they learned about the world firsthand.

Aleks and Feliks were no exception to that either. Their letters from Hogwarts weren't too much of a surprise, since their father was a graduate of the school and had even continued to work in London for many years before returning to his hometown. They weren't the only children from the town who were sent acceptance letters either, many of the families had members who had attended stretching back for a few generations, so it was a fairly big event when the letters came in. The new Hogwarts students all purchased their supplies together, spending two weeks or so there to help them get used to life outside of their tiny town, and they stuck together when they actually arrived at the school so as to cushion the sudden change in lifestyle. Though Aleks was sorted into Ravenclaw and Feliks to Hufflepuff, the two still remained inseparable, which probably helps their lack of House rivalry.

♥ Violin
♥ Books (scrolls, tomes- you name it, he loves them)
♥ Birds
♥ Dueling practice
♥ The smell of firewood
♥ Long socks and big, baggy sweaters
♥ Any animals, really (even wittle sluggies)

✖ When his things are disorganized
✖ Carrots
✖ Cooking (but for some reason he's decent at making potions)
✖ Overly spicy food
✖ Jerboas (they're just too cute, it hurts)
✖ That one annoying splotch on an otherwise perfectly-written scroll

Feliks Orlov - (elder) twin brother

None yet!

▪ He's actually quite handy on a broomstick, but he has no interest in competitive sports like Quidditch
▪ He has no idea why he dislikes cooking so much. Probably because he was forced to do it at home all the time.
▪ He doesn't get cold very easily at all, but loves dressing up in warm clothes at the slightest hint of snow
▪ Yeah, animals really are his weakness. Especially tiny, cuddly things
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